Fire Restorations

Once the fire has taken hold around the chimney, the thatch burns quickly from the top and underside and is unstoppable.

The timbers of the roof are consumed and the whole roof collapses inside the property where it scars the interior until the fire brigade drench the interior with water.

Damage to the property occurs not only from the fire but from the water used to quell the fire and heat.

Such fires can occur in listed or heritage timber frame buildings where centuries old oak framing can disappear in a night leaving only fragments of the history remaining.

We find the conservation departments of the Local Authority to be helpful and supportive when rebuilding the property and remain receptive to sympathetic remodelling during the planning process.

Clearly, the strength of the property insurers support is fundamental during this time and it is essential that loss adjusters are appointed at the earliest to start the recovery from day 1.

We recommend that the exterior waste should be cleared at the earliest opportunity to allow the erection of a weatherproof structure within 3 weeks of the fire.

In this way, the interior can be cleared of thatch and waste, chimneys and structure can be stabilised and the property can start to dry out. Additionally, the property is then safe enough to allow  a design team to start the process of planning the rebuild.

We work with a number of loss adjusters during insurance backed projects. We have found to be very experienced in thatch fires and they have the knowledge to protect the clients all the way to completion.

From our years of restoring listed and heritage buildings, we bring the same experience to manage the project throughout – liaising with the conservation officers, engaging historic oak frame builders and reconstructing the interior & exterior back to the original home.

Construction Methods

Whether you are considering Bricks & Mortar, Green Oak Framing or SIP construction, we have experience of each.

  • Brick & Mortar
  • Lime Render Techniques
  • Leadwork and Copper
  • Green Oak Framing
  • New England Style
  • Frameless Glazing

Mechanical & Electrical

Low operating costs and comfort are only achieved by good design and installation from commencement to completion.

  • Renewable Energy
  • UFH (Underfloor Heating)
  • LED Lighting
  • Thermal Insulation
  • Hot Water Storage
  • Wet Rooms

Design & Management

A proven Design Team is essential to bring your dream into reality and to keep the project on time, on budget with quality assured.

  • Architectural Design
  • Project Management
  • Estimating
  • Structural Design
  • Thermal Design

Recent Projects

If you have a project in mind, please make contact at anytime.