Old Farm House

Whilst we are commissioned for larger projects, we remain available for smaller schemes which may involve period restoration or bespoke repairs.

In this particular instance, were engaged to replace a boundary wall to listed property. During a storm earlier in the year, a large tree toppled over in high winds onto a boundary wall below which destroyed most of the wall.

Materials were salvaged and set aside for reuse and additional materials were sourced to match.

Following the removal of the tree, consultations were held with the local authority and agreement reached to replace the wall as existing. New foundations were excavated & cast and the wall rebuilt using the existing bricks together with replacements bedded in a soft lime mortar.

Pier ball finials and pediments were bedded in place from the original components together with a matching salvaged replacement.

Although no longer required, brick buttresses were constructed to the inner face of the wall to match the buttresses prior to the collapse of the wall.

The entrance gates were replaced in oak with a pedestrian gate attached, the garden and verge reinstated to the lane.