Reservoir Cottage

The house was in a poor condition when we were contacted by the owner. It was situated adjacent to a water reservoir and had endured flooding from the reservoir countless times over a 10 year period.

There was a long history of reluctant liability from insurers, but with professional assistance from loss adjusters, we were able to present a scheme which all parties could accept.

The surrounding buildings were demolished, the ground excavated and lowered with soakaways formed and filtration to discharge any surplus water safely to farmlands beyond. Once we had protected the property from flooding, we commenced the renovations to the house..

The exterior of the property had suffered some neglect over the last years and hence the chimneys were rebuilt, roof slopes overhauled, external joinery replaced, guttering replaced and decoration applied throughout.

The interior was carefully stripped of fitments to the ground floor, damp floors removed and replaced with solid floors with insulation, damp proofing membranes installed to the internal walls, new partitions to form shower rooms, plastering throughout, new mechanical services to the providing central heating and hot water, underfloor heating, new electrical services with LED lighting, new shower rooms and kitchen fitments complete with timber floor finishes and limestone flooring.

The location of the property proved to be a challenge for logistics, but it was a very rewarding project for the result achieved.

“With heart felt thanks for taking on this project and see it through to completion. I am so grateful for your sense of fairness which started the whole work off. The house is beautiful.” – End Client