Hillside Property

We were engaged to provide building and engineering services for the following;

  • Perimeter retaining wall up to 3m high.
  • Formation of a suspended car deck above a hillside
  • Construction of a timber framed annex
  • New treatment plant and drainage system
  • New driveway surfaces
  • Landscaping and terracing of grounds.

Following a period of tendering for the scheme, we were engaged by private clients.

The initial work consisted of the removal of a roadside hedge 30m long, with the attendant H&S responsibilities and safety barriers. The ground adjacent below was excavated below, foundations formed to engineers requirements and pre-cast retaining wall sections up to 3m high were craned in position. The walls were clad in Lambs Chartwell Stock bricks and topped with a brick header course. The construction of the wall provided additional space and access to the house.

In the lower grounds, a Klargester Biofficient 6 treatment plant was installed to serve the main property and annexe with a land drainage grid to dissipate the treated effluent naturally.

In the upper hillside, a compact annexe was constructed with strip foundations, beam and block base, perimeter timber frame, truss roof, timber cladding under a plain tile roof. The property sits in a mature location surrounded by grass slopes below.

To provide additional parking a suspended car deck was required. Foundations were excavated within the hillside slopes down to bedrock and a steel frame with supporting posts was craned into position with a raft cast using beam and block with steel reinforcement. Final surfaces were treated with tarmacadam with granite sets forming the additional parking area.

On completion of the engineering works the drive and track surfaces were constructed with new material and the adjacent land graded to merge to new construction within the hillside.

A challenging scheme involving high risk management for the engineering works but it enabled greater use and enjoyment of the property and all were very happy with the result.